Cucumber Quest is a fantastic webcomic that I’m going to outright say you should be reading right now. The artist has a tradition of doing an April Fools’ prank each year, although this year’s seemed a little mean at first. It looked as though she was making fun of stereotypical unskilled attempts at webcomics… until she revealed on her twitter that everything she posted was drawn by herself as a teenager.

So here we have a showcase of some fantastic improvement, not only art and style evolution, but also writing, characters, and format. Remember, it takes time and practice (and willingness to listen to critiques) for anything to improve!

The top image is taken from the April Fools’ page; middle is from near the beginning of the comic; and bottom is taken from the most recent chapter.

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Dolan Ver. 2.0

nothing is more surreal than going back to ur 2012 archive and seeing dolan memes

I’m not sure how to feel about this…

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I redrew this incredibly old image from 2006 or something like that tonight, enjoy!

How have you improved? Let me count the ways…

Submitted by aliveitellyou.

1 month ago

Part three of three.

Pretty much self explanatory.

I show things like this to younger artists who put themselves down, because I remember when I hated all my drawings.  I know now that people never stop improving.  :)

Love the blog, it’s wonderful.

"People never stop improving." Someone make that quote the top deviation of all time on deviantART.

Submitted by irrelevant-pink-blanket.

2 months ago

Part two of three.  Truth be told, I actually still love the coloring from the first one it was done with crayola crayons! :D

That’s… actually not bad for crayons. As always, though, there’s room for improvement!

Submitted by irrelevant-pink-blanket.

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I don’t know how many of these we’re allowed to submit, but this is part one of three.  Hope you don’t mind.  I make it a sort of habit to redraw pictures that I loved over the years.

Considering how starved this blog has been, you can send all the submissions your little heart desires.

Redrawing pictures a couple years apart is a great habit and a lot of fun, too! There’s not many things more satisfying than watching yourself improve on things you already thought were good when you drew them a year or two ago.

Submitted by irrelevant-pink-blanket.

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Redraw of this:

It’s not THAT bad, it’s just…it has a little bit of everything wrong with it. The anatomy is really wonky, ruining the sexy aspect, the face is way too feminine and doesn’t look like Klayton at all, and it’s severely lacking in shading. Also his eyes are the wrong color. And dem lady hands man

I changed the pose a little and removed the armwarmers and collar for…variety? I didn’t want to feel like I was just copying it.

Drawing sexy men takes practice. A bit of extra muscle and dynamic shading goes a long way!

Submitted by fifty-shades-of-klay.

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admindsfuckingtemppage asked: I like what you're doing here. I have to say this will be the last tumblr SUA will have in the sequence, but there are plans being made for a more permanent installment. Yes, we had a good run, but some people made mistakes and it seems tumblr isn't clear on some of their ToS, but I wont hold that against them. I'm glad this blog is up though, and I hope more can find their way here. -Admin D (Sociallyunacceptableart4)

Thanks for the message! Yeah, it makes me a bit sad that SUA is on the downfall, considering how popular it was just last year. I liked SUA as much as the next guy, but what was even more fun was seeing it made into something better. Submissions have been a bit slow here, even though the blog’s gaining followers pretty steadily, so I’ll try and step up awareness so people from SUA4 have somewhere to go in case it goes down.

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is it too late to do these

friend do not give up we all sucked in the beginning but practice is your best buddy


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One of my favorite things to do is to go through my old art and laugh at it. To see how confident I was back then in my work despite the fact it was really bland, boring, and altogether not very good. It’s also a good reminder to me that I have improved substantially. I always get discouraged and this is how I boast my morale. I drew the picture on the left in 2008. That was only four years ago. The one on the right I drew only a few weeks ago. I have certainly improved. And that always makes me think what my art will look like four years from now. What will I be able to do that I think I can’t do today?

So to all of you who feel discouraged with your art, just remember that you’re going to improve with every picture you draw. It might take a long time, but there’s an amazing artist in you that’s going to blossom overtime.

Ultimate inspiration, right here.

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